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Ten16 Press is all about giving our authors the tools and team they need to create a great book. We're a team of editors, designers, artists, and bookworms with a passion for creating exceptional products while helping our authors kickstart their careers. Our family-owned and -operated press values not only providing stellar services, but also building lasting relationships with our authors.  We hope you and your story can find a home with us: one that will help nurture your work and prepare it for the rest of the world to enjoy.

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A former English professor, Jeannée Sacken is a photojournalist who travels the world documenting the lives of women and children. She lives in Shorewood, Wisconsin, with her husband and cat, where she’s hard at work on her next novel also featuring Annie Hawkins Green.


Eight years ago, seasoned photojournalist Annie Hawkins Green barely survived a Taliban ambush that left her military escort dead and a young Afghan girl dying in her arms. Since then, she has managed to suppress her memories of that brutal day—until she returns to Afghanistan to teach a photography workshop at the secondary school for girls run by her expat best friend Darya Faludi. As the Taliban gain prominence in the once peaceful region, Annie’s nightmares from her last time in-country come roaring back with a vengeance. But are they just dreams? The unshakeable feeling of a grim, watchful presence makes Annie think otherwise.

As Annie struggles with her nightmares, more trouble brews with the suspicion that Darya’s teenage daughter is sneaking away at night to meet her shadowy boyfriend. Meanwhile, Annie’s own daughter wages war with her father and stepmother back home, feeding Annie’s all-consuming mom-guilt. Her only comfort, a poetry-writing U.S. Naval officer who saved her life all those years ago, is now at the other end of a satellite phone 7,000 miles away. How can he possibly keep her safe?

How can anyone?

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