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Ten16 Press is all about giving our authors the tools and team they need to create a great book. We're a team of editors, designers, artists, and bookworms with a passion for creating exceptional products while helping our authors kickstart their careers. Our family-owned-and-operated press values not only providing stellar services, but also building lasting relationships with our authors.  We hope you and your story can find a home with us: one that will help nurture your work and prepare it for the rest of the world to enjoy.

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About K Jane Lee's Catastrophic Rupture: As a pediatric critical care physician and an ethicist, Jane Lee was accustomed to caring for children with a range of serious conditions and disabilities, and felt comfortable helping families navigate decision-making for these children. When a complicated delivery left her second child with a severe brain injury, she found that everything she had learned about disability and personhood as a physician and ethicist was no help as a parent.

About Bruce Campbell's A Fullness of Uncertain Significance: When Dr. Bruce H. Campbell first set foot in a hospital as a seventeen-year old nursing assistant, he observed the best and the worst of doctors, hospitals, and the entire health care team. These lessons returned to him and shaped his own journey as he became a surgeon. Through these well-crafted,poignant, sometimes funny, and always insightful stories, he shares what his patients and their families shared, having never forgotten what it felt like to be a beginner.

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