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  • Songs to Dream By
SKU: 9781645387114

Songs to Dream By


Songs to Dream By

Short stories by Adam Moderow


Hardcover ISBN: 9781645387350

Paperback ISBN: 9781645387114


Fiction | Sci-Fi | Speculative Fiction




Songs To Dream By is a collection of short stories that blend philosophy, humor, introspection, childlike whimsy, minimalism, and speculative fiction. In this debut collection from Adam Moderow, there is something for everyone.


A stuffed animal wanders across the desert to find the child that depends on it. A man wakes up in a morgue to a wizard interrogating him about his own murder. A hall monitor investigates the new music teacher, math in green ink, what the librarian knows, and what it all has to do with the sudden spike in detentions.


These stories and more come together to explore the variability of identity based on context, the company we keep, and the goals we set for ourselves. Who are we when we have direction and drive? Who are we when the rules we thought we knew disappear? Who are we when the waking world becomes as fluid as a dream?




Adam Moderow is an Eagle Scout with degrees in philosophy, history, and teaching. He teaches developmental reading and G.E.D. courses for Highland Community College. Adam also serves on the Stephenson County Board, plays trumpet, and takes on the occasional voice acting role. He currently lives in Freeport, Illinois with his wife, Juliet, and their daughter, Willow. Songs To Dream By is his debut work.

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