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Types of Publishing Contracts

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With a traditional contract through Orange Hat Publishing or Ten16 Press, the publishing house assumes all production costs and fees associated with developing the manuscript and maintaining its retail availability. The author is entitled to royalties only for any book sales. Traditional contracts are highly selective; these are our “passion projects.”

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These constitute the majority of partnerships at Orange Hat Publishing and Ten16 Press. With a hybrid contract, the author assumes some of the costs of developing their manuscript into a book. Namely, these costs include illustration and cover design, editing, interior formatting, and various other publishing expenses bundled into the contract. The author may benefit from direct sales of their book, as well as royalties from third-party vendors.

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Self-Publishing Services

Through Grove

Self-Publishing is a great option for authors who want to stay in the driver's seat of their publication journey and reap all of the immediate benefits of selling their own work. Contracting Grove (which is operated by our same friendly Orange Hat Publishing team) for à la carte self-publishing services including cover design, interior layout and design, and editing among other services is a great option for self-published authors who want to put their very best foot forward when sharing their work with the world. Our self-publishing services are also well suited for legacy projects! For example, if you have written a book of family history specifically to give to relatives, Grove is the best platform for you!

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