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  • Gunshots in Grudgeville
SKU: 9781645387442

Gunshots in Grudgeville


Gunshots in Grudgeville

by Laurel Landis


Paperback $12.99

ISBN PB: 9781645387442


Short Stories | Anthology | Local Wisconsin




Evoking the richness of the American Midwest, Laurel Landis dips into the lives of characters we recognize, shaped by a Wisconsin sensibility and the small towns they call home.

At an Independence Day celebration, a young girl glimpses the dark side of the adults in her life. A wheelchair-bound man finds relief through an unlikely savior. A husband heads to the Northwoods seeking revenge on a bear who killed his wife, only to question his own role in her death.

Landis combines stark realism and magical realism with a dash of reverence for the beauty and healing powers of nature. There is pain here, but also redemption, healing, and deep human connection. And love.




Laurel Landis is a Wisconsin writer and wanderer. Her first collection of short stories, Gunshots in Grudgeville, will be available in October 2023. Her work has appeared in Wisconsin People & Ideas, Lost in Thought, Rosebud (Mary Shelley contest), and Waverly Press, and is excerpted in Judy Bridges’ Shut Up & Write! She was a 2023 semifinalist in the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts & Letters 2023 fiction contest.

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