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The Levitation Game


The Levitation Game

a novel by Sharon Wagner


Paperback | $16.99

Hardcover | $24.99


ISBN PB: 9781645385356

ISBN HC: 9781645387206


Science Fiction | Paranormal | Romance | Fantasy




Aspiring magician Esme Wright has a secret: she can levitate objects as effortlessly as humming a tune—no tricks required. But when she lands her first big break on The Morning Show: Live!, defying gravity goes horribly and embarrassingly awry.


After the show, she returns to her New York hotel room a sniveling mess until a mysterious reunion with her childhood friend, Joseph Estrada, instigates a vortex of levitation, both frightening and bizarre. It turns out, Joseph has powerful secrets, too. He’s terrified that Diablo possesses him, and after the tornado of toiletries in Esme’s hotel room, he can almost feel the fire consuming his toes.


Esme and Joseph disperse to their old lives, but strange and erratic signs soon draw them deeper into a sinister and supernatural puzzle.


The duo must uncover the truth before a catastrophic levitation mishap leaves them injured or, worse, dead. Esme and Joseph embark on a jungle odyssey to unearth the secrets of their past, reuniting with their archaeologist fathers and following the path of jaguars. They discover that the levitation game might be impossible to win—or survive—without answers from the stars.



Esme felt like a house cat locked out in the rain. Her clothes stuck to her body like a soggy tortilla, and her tennis shoes vomited mud with each step. They were approximately fifteen minutes down the trail from where they had left Roberto, most of the supplies, and Jefe, the dead mule. Now, Esme followed Alex and Michael on foot, and Joseph rode Jaco. Somewhere along the line, Alex had given her his headlamp and walking stick; the latter she squeezed between pruned fingers like an exoskeleton.




Sharon Wagner is a supernatural writer, inexhaustible travel blogger, spirit investigator (liquid, not ethereal), cat wrangler, and former illustrator of children’s books, including Maya Monkey. Creative from birth, she never stops dreaming of magical worlds to unravel with words. The Levitation Game is her debut novel. When she’s not traveling to the jungles of Central America, she lives in Minneapolis with her husband and two cats.


Discover more at Sharon Wagner Books | Supernatural Author

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