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  • Adventures on the Bloody Trail: The Quest Continues
SKU: 9781943331123

Adventures on the Bloody Trail: The Quest Continues


Adventures on the Bloody Trail: The Quest Continues

by Susan Fiebig


ISBN PB: 9781943331123 | $15.99


GENRES: Nonfiction | Food & Drinks | Local Wisconsin




UPDATED and REVISED fifth edition!


Adventures On The Bloody Trail is a travel guide that sends you to the best Bloody Marys in Wisconsin and so much more! If you're looking for those out-of-the-way places where good food and great views can be found, Susan Fiebig's guide will take you there with Bloody Mary stops along the way. This book is filled with the history of the cocktail, stories of Bloody Mary entrepreneurs, and instructions on how to score Bloody Marys using Fiebig's 50-point criteria. It's a fun-filled adventure guide to Wisconsin with a twist. And, as always, please take a designated driver with you on your Bloody adventures. Cheers!




Susan Fiebig resides in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. She is a collagist, writer, business owner, and Bloody Mary connoisseur. Fiebig spent over 20 years taste-testing Bloody Marys throughout the US and has determined that Wisconsin restaurateurs present the best tasting and most unique presentations of this iconic cocktail. Her guide explains the history behind the Bloody Mary and how it became the state's favorite "any time of the day" beverage.

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