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  • Good Eats and Gathering

Good Eats and Gathering


Good Eats and Gathering

by Rochelle Hoffman


ISBN PB: 9781645385479 | $29.99

ISBN HC: 9781645385486 | $39.99


Cookbook | Farm to Table | Midwest | Comfort Food




Rochelle Biegel Hoffman is a fifth generation cranberry farmer and lover of food. Alongside her husband, Nick, and daughters, Harlow and Twyla, she grows cranberries in Northern Wisconsin and enjoys connecting over good eats at the dinner table. 


When she's not teaching at the local university, she can usually be found whipping up tasty treats in the kitchen. Rochelle's cooking has been heavily influenced by salt, butter, garlic, and a no-measurements-needed mentality that runs deep on the Biegel side. 


Whether eating potato pancakes served on a lazy Susan, or a savoring carrot cake while playing bingo - the best meals are served and enjoyed with the people you love.

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