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  • Bombay to Brew City: Reflections of a Cheesehead from India

Bombay to Brew City: Reflections of a Cheesehead from India


Bombay to Brew City: Reflections of a Cheesehead from India

by Balaraman Kalyanaraman


Paperback | $16.99

Hardcover | $27.99  



Nonfiction - Inspirational - Memoir 




Nearly eight billion people inhabit this world. Every one of them has a story to tell, and each story is unique. In this book, Bombay to Brew City: Reflections of a Cheesehead from India, Balaraman (Raman) Kalyanaraman tells his story. He offers a smorgasbord of his views on growing up in India, coming to America, becoming a football fan (particularly the Alabama Crimson Tide and Green Bay Packers), working in biomedical research (including cancer and Parkinson’s and other neurological diseases), philosophy, race relations, exercise, and nutrition, as well as life lessons and keys to achieving one’s personal best.


People all over the world, and from all walks of life, at some point may contemplate their purpose; some of them have great ideas but don’t know whether to act on them or how to take them to the next level. Raman shares his story with the hope that it will lift such people up and help them realize their potential. Raman started his research career fearing failure, rejection, embarrassment, and so forth, mainly worrying that his research was not creative. Later, he realized that by focusing on and building ideas around his strengths, he was able to overcome his “creative fear” and achieve his personal best. Raman believes that adopting such a mindset will allow everyone to achieve success.




Balaraman “Raman” Kalyanaraman, PhD, is a scientist, professor, and former chair of the Department of Biophysics at the Medical College of Wisconsin. He has authored more than 400 research articles and over sixty reviews and book chapters on topics ranging from electron paramagnetic resonance to Parkinson’s disease to cancer. Bombay to Brew City: Reflections of a Cheesehead from India is Raman’s first memoir, wherein he shares—among other things—funny quips and insights learned along his professional journey to becoming a world-renowned researcher and expert on the fundamental biochemistry of free radicals.

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