Unholy Shepherd

a novel by Robert W. Christian



Thriller - Suspense

380 pages

ISBN: 9781645382034



A brutal crime. A town shaken to its core.
And the woman who saw it all...

For her entire life, Maureen has done nothing but run. Run from her past, run from her nightmares. But when she finds herself intertwined in the investigation of the brutal murders of two young boys, her dreams may hold the key to helping a struggling detective find justice.



Robert W. Christian, author of The Demon Sight Series, grew up an only child, living inside his own imagination. An aspirational scientist with the mind of an artist, he began writing novels later in life. His love for true crime stories and the macabre, fascination with history and humanity, and belief in the possibility of the paranormal led him to write and publish his first novel, Unholy Shepherd. Robert continues to write and live in Wisconsin with his wife, son, and dog. To keep up with Robert W. Christian's upcoming titles and to follow his blog, please visit his website at https://www.robertwchristian.com/.


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Unholy Shepherd [paperback]

SKU: 9781645382034