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  • Fleetwood Dreams: Climbing a Mountain After a Landslide
  • Fleetwood Dreams: Climbing a Mountain After a Landslide

Fleetwood Dreams: Climbing a Mountain After a Landslide


**Release date: August 20, 2024! This is a PRE-ORDER. Your order will ship to you on or a couple days before the release date. Thank you for your order!***


Fleetwood Dreams: Climbing a Mountain After a Landslide

A memoir by Amy Leigh Sazama


Paperback ISBN: 9781645386889

Hardcover ISBN: 9781645387688


Non-Fiction | Personal Narrative | Memoir 




Divorce, drugs, generational trauma, loss, and grief set author Amy Sazama on a journey to find both hope and healing. After tragically losing both her mother and twin brother in her teens and early twenties, Amy finds herself hopeless and unsure of how to cope with such tremendous losses. She struggles to make sense of her brother's murder and find the strength to live a life without him, asking, "Can a twin survive without their twin?" 
    In her memoir Fleetwood Dreams: Climbing a Mountain after a Landslide, Amy candidly recounts her road to healing and how she worked through her generational trauma and grief. She takes an intimate look at loss and the raw uncertainty, devastation, and heartache that come with it. Through trial and error, Amy climbs her way out of despair, with a few hard lessons, a little humor, and a lot of hope along the way.
    She hopes her memoir will help others feel less alone with their grief, give a little insight on what helped her, and leave everyone with a feeling of hope.




Come celebrate the release of Sazama's debut book, FLEETWOOD DREAMS, and purchase a signed copy!


DATE: Tuesday, August 20, 2024

TIME: 5:30 p.m. - 8 p.m.

LOCATION: Twisted Vine: 145 Wisconsin Ave. Unit 1Pewaukee, WI 53072

Open to the public and open house style!

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