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Concerning Everything That Can Be Known and Certain Other Things As Well

by Ron Gillette



Short Stories




However much you know, it’s less than the amount that remains mysterious. That’s certainly true of the characters you’ll encounter in Concerning Everything That Can Be Known and Certain Other Things As Well. You’ll meet suburban homeowners, teachers, a short-order cook, high school students, coffeehouse customers, hospital patients, a paleontologist, pedestrian witnesses to a robbery, a young man obsessed with the night sky, reminiscing television actors, and other lost, deluded, confused characters confronting inaccessible aspects of their sometimes comic, sometimes tragic lives. They have no superpowers or magicians’ tricks to help them. They must shuffle along as best they can.

Ron Gillette casts a sometimes critical but always sympathetic eye on their adventures (and misadventures!), as he himself is one of them. And so are you.   





Ron Gillette was born in 1944. He spent most of his career as the editor of several trade magazines and, in that capacity, wrote and reported hundreds of articles on business topics. Once retired, his creative life saw him first as a poet. He’s had several dozen poems published in the little magazines and, in 1984, a collection of his poems, Hardware and Variety, was published by Erie Street Press. In the eighties and nineties, he turned from the printed page to performance poetry and was an early collaborator with the Poetry Slam’s founder, Marc Kelly Smith.

Much to his surprise, in 2018, short stories began to appear and, since then, they’ve become his only writing. As he imagines is true of all stories, his contain a lot of fictionalized autobiography in a stew of knowable and unknowable ingredients. The carrots and potatoes in it are the people who have played roles in his life.

Gillette is a widower with two adult children, Meghan Lane and Jason Gillette, and four grandchildren. He lived the first half of his life in Chicago and currently lives in New Berlin, WI.

Concerning Everything That Can Be Known and Certain Other Things As Well [HC]