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Chasing the Spotlight

Book #2 in the Dance Legacy Series

by Doris Greenberg and Pandré Shandley



Young Adult Fiction 

276 pages

ISBN: 978-1-64538-223-2



Beating the competition is one thing, eliminating it, quite another.


When Chicagoland’s top-rated high school dancers, Libby, C.C., and Brooke, travel to New York City for the national Stairway to the Stars competition, touristy thrills and new romances are soon overshadowed by a chilling disappearance. 


Rumors abound, and while much is uncertain, a few things are clear: jealousy, blackmail, and an insatiable desire for fame are at the root.


Now the question isn’t who will win the competition, but who will survive it.



Dancers at heart and writers in the wings, Doris Greenberg and Pandré Shandley are lifelong Wisconsinites. Chasing the Spotlight reflects their passion for dance and the students they've trained during 40 years of combined studio experience. They hope you'll enjoy their Dance Legacy Series. Please visit www.DancersatHeart.com.

Chasing the Spotlight [paperback]

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