As the Bamboo Shoots: Adventures of My Life

a novel by Celine Tan Robertson



Memoir - Immigration & Emigration

510 pages

ISBN: 9781943331208



As the Bamboo Shoots reveals the author's deep roots, the life and family stories of five generations, and more than a century of Chinese history. It is a collection of the true, the good and the beautiful. It is a life journey of challenges, adventures, dreams, and visions. A dream at the age of 17 to attend graduate school in America and see the world brought a young innocent girl from Taiwan, Celine Yu Hua Tan, to the U.S. Having grown up sheltered and pampered, with limited survival skills, Celine faced many trials in the new land. Celine transplanted her cultivated roots, like bamboo, and became part of a large grove the U.S. where she was forced to grow strong quickly. Although there were lots of tears, her deep roots and the love from her family helped her face obstacles and overcome struggles without fear and without regrets. She learned to be like bamboo, swaying in the blowing wind and surviving vigorous storms. She stands tall with pride and honor. Always! For the author, challenges are opportunities to discover one's hidden talents and potential. She loves to learn new things. To her, learning enriches life and brings joy, excitement, and satisfaction. Celine firmly believes that one person can make a difference. She taught in three vastly different countries Taiwan, the U.S.A., and China, and her students around the world made her path joyful, vibrant, and spiritual. Her passion for teaching and love for her students go far beyond the classroom, time and space. The true, the good, and the beautiful are what the author searches for and treasures in her life. She treats each of her friends as a precious pearl or a gorgeous gem. She strings all of them together and creates an irreplaceable necklace kept close to her heart. Celine's family makes her life more energetic and complete, filled with love, joy, and laughter. She lives and shares the most blessed retired life she has envisioned to be surrounded by her family and precious grandchildren. As the Bamboo Shoots is one of Celine's dreams and one of her visions. It is the way she has always lived her life. These are the roots and values she wants to pass on to her descendants. The author wishes to share and spread her positive energy like bamboo growing in the sunshine, inspiring and empowering others to reach their potential.



“As the Bamboo Shoots is touching and inspiring, bringing the reader on a remarkable journey from the author’s native China to the United States. Robertson’s values, traditions, and love for life and learning are woven throughout this incredible memoir.”

- Kathryn A. Lytle, author of Connected and Breaking Down


“What delightful stories! The author has the most  authentic and charming voice I’ve ever heard while reading. It’s a pleasure to share in her experiences.” 

- Chris Roerden, Agatha Award-winning author of Don’t Murder Your Mystery


“As students in southeastern Wisconsin, we never expected to be exposed to Chinese language and culture with such enthusiasm as Mrs. Robertson provided. As the Bamboo Shoots radiates our extraordinary Chinese teacher’s love for life and passion for teaching that has forever changed our lives for the better.” 

- Madelyn Burgdorff , Evan Pollock, & John Warren


“Celine Robertson’s As the Bamboo Shoots takes the reader from her family’s experiences during the Chinese Revolution, to an innocent young girl’s voyage to America to put down roots that ultimately flowered into citizen diplomacy. Full of lessons for us all, Celine shares her secrets for her amazing lifelong success.”

- Sandy Sabo, author of Messages from Mary


As the Bamboo Shoots [paperback]

SKU: 9781943331208